Change Partner

Change Partner Training

We offer you training programmes focusing on practice and experience to result in sustained changes in participants’ everyday working life - tailor-made to suit your requirements and needs.

We always link our training programmes to the current challenges that you and your employees are faced with in your work. We also offer reviews and coaching, thus guaranteeing that training contents are incorporated into the everyday activities of your company.

Training employees and managers across all the levels of company hierarchy and an intelligent combination of executive training, team training and coaching will enable you to establish a mutual, modern style of working and management in your company to do justice to the specific spirit of your corporate culture and to further develop this spirit.

Here is a selection of our most successful training programmes. We will gladly develop other contents for you – just contact us!

  • Leadership University /BBTLeadership training
    • Authentic, consequent leadership
    • The executive as a coach
    • Efficient communication
    • Leadership balance / potential analysis
    • Work-life balance
    • Time, stress and self management
    • Leadership and change with values
  • Team training
    • Intersection workshops
    • Short-term power training
  • Management training
    • Change management
    • Conflict management
    • Project management
  • Facilitation/presentation
    • All on board! Best practice for facilitation
    • Facilitator qualification programme
    • Hurrah! Hurrah! – Best practice for presentations
  • Marketing / sales / customer orientation
    • Sales training
    • Marketing coaching
    • Cold call camp