Change Partner


Change management with Change Partner AG is never "off the peg". We develop individual projects especially for you, in close cooperation with your management.

  1. A personal talk – this is how we start our projects. Together with you, we outline where there may be a need for action in your company and what this action could look like.
  2. Before we commence with any project, we conduct a preliminary evaluation comprising the following elements:
  • Clarification of the assignment with the management
  • Brief organisational and cultural analysis based on the four areas of action in our bridging-the-dual-gap model
  • Definition of possible areas of action and potential for improvement
  • Development of possible project choreography for your company
  • Presentation of results and agreement on how to proceed

This is the common basis for the successful realisation of the scheduled change process.

  1. In a next step a detailed evaluation focuses on the jobs and processes, the structure and culture of your company – actively involving your employees and managers.
  2. In cooperation with you and your executives, we use this evaluation as a basis to formulate an objective for the joint change process.
  3. The specific measures relating to the change you wish to make are then planned in detail and implemented. They include the consulting process as well as the related qualification and coaching modules which have been precisely tailor-made to suit your needs.
  4. Ongoing implementation support and the securing of success by Change Partner AG consultants and trainers are another significant component of our method.

Your change means a lot to us!