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Academic study proves the long-term effectiveness of leadership training

Permanently changing market conditions require continual adaptability and managers whose high level of expertise provides support for corporate change processes and who at the same time demonstrate empathy, credibility and respect in fostering a “can do” mentality with their employees. Managers learn the necessary tools in leadership training. There has always been a high degree of uncertainty with regard to the sustainability of investing in qualification. A new study by Fresenius University in Munich has shown that such training not only has a direct impact but also maintains a long-term effect over many years.


Further information: Sustainability Study on Leadership Training


BBT LEADERSHIP COMPACT – first Compact series finished with great success

In July, we completed the first series of the new compact version of our flagship in leadership training, “BBT Leadership Compact”, with tremendous response and gratitude from participants. Conclusion: the recipe for success of both trainers, Steffen Neiß and Klaus-Peter Esser, is combining method and personal development on the one hand and practical relevance and a passion in their training techniques on the other. This makes the content of the training accessible to managers who were not able to attend the training before due to budgetary and time restraints.


Further information: BBT Leadership Compact