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Dates for qualification programmes

The dates for the new qualification programme units for basic consultant training in 2010, the process consultant qualification programme for 2010 and the facilitation qualification programme in 2010:

  • Leadership University for Consultants and Executives/BBT
  • Process consultant technical training
  • University of Applied Sciences Expert in Process Management study course
  • Facilitator qualification programme

Leadership University for Consultants and Executives / BBT

This 3-module training programme is tailor-made for participants in their function as executives or internal consultants (change agents, process consultants, etc.). Participants learn to cope with consulting tasks more easily in the given environment and to professionally represent an integrated approach to change processes and to master these processes.

ChangePartner is offering its flagship in the qualification programme for consultants and executives, the 10-day BBT (basic training for consultants and executives, now in its tenth year) twice in the first six months of the year and once in the period after mid-year. Here are the dates for the current and coming series:

First half-year in 2011 (set 24):
Module 1: 14.-18. March 2011
Module 2: 25.-27. May 2011
Module 3: 04.-06. October 2011

Second half-year in 2011 (set 25):
Module 1: 10.-14. October 2011
Module 2: 13.-15. December 2011
Module 3: 08.-10. February 2012
Module 4: 17.-19. April 2012

First half-year in 2012 (set 26)
Module 1: 05.-09. March 2012
Module 2: 02.-04. May 2012
Module 3: 27.-29. June 2012
Module 4: 18.-20. September 2012

Second half-year in 2012 (set 27)
Module 1: 08.-12. October 2012
Module 2: 28.-30 November 2012
Module 3: 23.-25. January 2013
Module 4: 13.-15. March 2013

Detailed information: BBT (Basic Training for Consultants and Executives)

Process consultant technical training

You are aware that overall process performance comprises an average of 30-40% of idle performance and mistakes. The process consultant qualification programme will show you and your employees methods and tools to streamline and improve your processes, also without external support. The quality of an as-is visualisation, which must be carried out with the greatest-possible involvement of the operating employees and which should be fun, is decisive for the overall result.

The concept for the process optimisation qualification programme comprises the steps as-is visualisation, reflection and redesign of processes: direct ROI during the qualification programme through improving your own processes and through methods that can be immediately implemented, workshop concepts and approved course materials and exercises.

ChangePartner will be offering its popular 7-day intensive qualification programme for process consultants in the first and second quarters of 2010. Here are the dates for the set in the first half-year:

Second half-year in 2010:
Module 1: 22.-23. March 2011
Module 2: 10.-11. May 2011
Module 3: 28.-30. June 2011


Certificated University of Applied Sciences Expert in Process Management study course

Process competence has become absolutely vital for the success of companies. Massive turbulence on the markets shows that there is an enormous need for action: those who are not able to flexibly adapt their value-adding systems will not stand a chance in the long run. Costs need to be sustainably optimised in the processes. This is why complex procedures in modern companies need to be organised and permanently improved by process experts. The training course will provide you with the skills required of a process expert nowadays. This includes process visualisation as the basis of a current status analysis and target organisation. We will show you and train you in how it is really done. Proven procedure models for process reflection and concepts for target organisation will help you in your search for potential for improvement. Various process control tools to help realise this potential will be presented. We will show you how to incorporate a process management system into your corporate strategy and organisation to help you move your entire company and its processes forward. We provide you with sustainable concepts for change management.

Nine-day part-time "Expert for Process Management" certification course (in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences in Nürtingen - including an examination and a certificate from the university)

The dates for the next "Expert for Process Management" certification course are as follows:

First half-year in 2010:
Module 1: 18-19 June 2010
Module 2: 25-26 June 2010
Module 3: 2-3 July 2010
Module 4: 16-17 July 2010
Module 5: 24 July 2010 (examination)

Detailed information per PDF file: Expert on process management qualification programme

Facilitator qualification programme

Time-saving of 30% through efficient facilitation and presentation

Communication, problem-solving and decision-making processes are increasingly taking place in teams, cross-departmental project groups, meetings and workshops. On the other hand, many, if not most, meetings, team meetings and workshops, etc. are considered to be inefficient and demotivating. There is great potential for improvement here in almost every company.

Efficient facilitation, with the focus on participants and results and with the right tools and adequately qualified facilitators is a key factor for efficient discussions and meetings of any type.

Facilitator qualification programme: 11-12 March 2010

Detailed information as a PDF file:

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