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Crisis Management by ChangePartner

A Crisis - nobody likes it, but it happens again and again... 2008/2009 people were talking, writing and hearing only about crisis. Demand plummeted, customers pushed prices down and paid slowly. Liquid assets became scarcer, ordered products could not be delivered, employees had to work short time or were fired. Dismal data and prospects dampened the overall mood and lead to stress. Many companies did not survive this hard time. And today? Everything fine and forgotten?

Freely adapted from a famous saying in football: ‚After the crisis is before the crisis‘. Thus, we at ChangePartner think that ‚crisis prevention‘ as well as ‚crisis management‘ constitute a key aspect of change management, which is our core competence.

Every company can be hit by crisis situations. In such a case one can only hope that the company’s crisis management team is well-trained. Many decision makers in companies ask themselves whether and how they are prepared for the next possible crisis or how they should react when the next crisis comes – and come it surely will. Often there is a great need for information. People want to talk about their personal or the company’s situation, they want to do a "Check-Up" (or a "Stress-Test"). Or they simply want to solve an existing crisis in a professional way and preserve their company or a division of their company.

This is where our consulting service starts. We are looking forward to hearing from you.