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Leadership University / BBT

"After my return from the first module, I find myself up to my ears dealing with the little daily problems my job and my employees involve. Surprisingly, after the BBT (consultant basic training) module, I still feel quite relaxed and positively reflective. The first BBT week was a very intensive, unusual experience for me, and the level of intensity and the learning effect are hard to exceed. Fourteen people met for BBT, all of them very different in their "normal" lives (from different companies and with different functions/roles), but they all had the theme of "personnel management" in common. The tremendous openness and honesty shown by each participant - this was quickly achieved thanks to the two trainers - allowed the seminar to develop its own dynamism. I was very touched by this and it gave rise to completely new insights and thoughts. I see this - not only in my role as an executive - as being a huge gift. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for the passion with which the two trainers guide participants through these seminars. I have no doubt whatsoever that the trainers believe in what they are doing and consider their "job" to be a vocation. I now face the future - my future - as an executive and as a personality most attentively, with a great deal of motivation and self-confidence. This future was enriched by very honest, sincere, genial, refreshing, very exciting people and by the very helpful, practical and realistic processes and methods in the BBT seminar. I thank you for this! ".
Nicole Gut; Manager FBO Zürich; Execujet Zürich (Aviation)

"I would at this point like to express my sincere thanks for the time I spent in the BBT seminar. For me it was far more than advanced training or a seminar; it was such a huge, deep experience which is bound to accompany me throughout most of my life. It is incredibly enriching to experience what we can find out about ourselves. With their sincere and at the same time very professional manner, the trainers found a mutual basis for all the participants, despite the fact that they came from very different professional backgrounds, and we were able to use this basis to work very intensively and closely with one another. From the simple "tools" for everyday life to the great connections between "models and reality" - everything was harmonious, tailored to interaction and more than anything else, ideal for practical use. And it very quickly became clear that, no matter which professional environment we operate in, there are so many common aspects that we can always learn from one another. I sensed that you were always fully committed, that you gave everything you had and that what you were doing was very near to your heart. It was a great honour for me to get to know the two trainers Steffen Neiß and Klaus-Peter Esser and the other participants and to have shared some of my life experience with them. Thanks for this fantastic gift."
Steffen Hermann; Verbundleiter; Diakonie Stetten

"I have taken part in various seminars during the past few years. This qualification programme taught me to see many things from a very different perspective. A few weeks after the third module I now notice that I react completely differently when colleagues, employees and customers approach me with specific questions or problems. It is easy for me to adopt an attitude of ongoing self-reflection or to "climb into the helicopter" to view processes and problems from different angles. The seminar wasn't only fun, it was also very intensive. It had a very positive influence on my personality too. Congratulations to the two trainers, Steffen Neiß and Klaus-Peter Esser. You can tell that they enjoy their seminars. They organised the nine days with a lot of commitment, enthusiasm and sensitivity. Many thanks."
Hans Hönig; Leiter Bildungszentrum; Pharmaindustrie

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"For me 2007 was marked by the five-day process with my coach Steffen Neiß. It was an important enrichment in my professional and notably also in my personal development. I learnt to:

  • Analyse my current professional situation self-critically

  • Understand patterns of my own behaviour and that of other people

  • Learn from methods and techniques in order to be able to better master difficult situations in future

  • Reserve space for my feelings, both private and business, and to (re)discover this as an important control instrument

  • Jump over my own shadow and open myself up to integrate open issues from my personal history

  • Find the strength to take concrete steps with clear targets and to determine and shape my own future

Steffen Neiß attended to me in his supporting, demanding manner. I felt that I was in very good hands: in addition to his methodical brilliance he always showed great sensitivity and always reflected with me on having a view for the greater picture. Whenever I thought I had reached my limits, he opened up new angles for me. I am grateful and very glad that he helped me to repeatedly overcome my misgivings. I was thus able to grow. Thank you!"
Dr. Annette Fusenig, Head of Corporate Communications, pharmaceutical industry

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BBT Consultant Basic Training

"I really enjoyed spending a whole week in the BBT seminar with the two trainers and the other participants. I had never before had such a deep and intensive learning experience (I'll call it coaching). This in itself made the week an experience that I will not forget again very quickly. And if you take a look at the people you were able to meet from a wide variety of environments and at how you were able to learn a lot from this diversity and when you realise how you were also able to put a lot of energy into taking care of your own "building site", it is all the more remarkable that you were still able to walk upright after a week like this and that you felt so good about yourself too! As a feedback to the two trainers, I only still wish to say that this seminar, with its very practice-oriented mixture of models and reality, experience and doing (practising), was probably the best seminar I have attended so far and that this is one of the greatest gifts that the trainers can give us (and I don't only mean our group; I mean all of those who have the chance to participate in these seminars). Many thanks!
Benjamin Paulus, Center Head for Production, Borg Warner Turbo & Emissions Systems

"The fact that we as participants subsequently felt strengthened and better, that we subsequently had personal goals that we implement in daily business and also the fact that we can handle emotions is a learning success that must be considered to be far more important than the fact that we learnt communication techniques, that contributions were made to the right leadership and consulting behaviour and that we are able to prepare and carry out consulting and coaching talks must more confidently and consciously, hence having more control over them and reacting more intentionally in conflict situations. Colleagues and executives to whom we reported all noticed that very positive changes had been made. This makes us want more and also makes us hope that many of our colleagues and executives will be able to take part too."
Dr. Dr. Karl-Ludwig Storck, Project Manager, IT corporate consulting

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Team development / team coaching

"The team developed very well. The scheduled integration of the new employee functioned perfectly - or even more than perfectly. We were also able to formulate many other important themes and the team members also generally got closer to one another. I was very impressed by how Mr Neiß facilitated: methodically adept and with great ease and absolute poise. I trust him completely."
Dr. Annette Fusenig, Head of Corporate Communications, pharmaceutical industry

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Fundamentals of the systematic development of an organisation

"In order to establish know-how in the areas of change management, organisational development and coaching for our internal HR team, we engaged the trainer team of Steffen Neiß, Armin Priester, Klaus-Peter Esser and Johannes von Stosch. In addition to the graphic teaching of the technical tool box, the seminar was mainly about a lot of space and the possibility of practising the everyday use of the newly learned methods and techniques and to gain a lot of personal experience. In a modular set of seminars over a period of six months, essential theory was imparted to us very clearly in "easily digestible" doses. We also regularly received very comprehensive documents which were most useful for reference purposes or for reading on ahead. However, what was more decisive for the huge success of the training course was the very open, trustworthy, intensive cooperation with the trainers who supported us. In numerous exercise blocks, in personal talks and group talks and through their own role model position, they made it possible for us to find out, by first-hand experience in the true sense of the word, a lot about the professional and in particular also the human qualities required of internal consultants, their role and their "internal attitude". We were thus able to learn a lot about ourselves as individuals throughout the entire set of seminars, about or own personal strengths and weaknesses, and we were also able to jointly and constructively identify and address the strengths and weaknesses of our team.

To sum up: Using ourselves as an example, we underwent (and sometimes suffered) a change process and were really able to take away a great deal for our new task. When the training programme came to a close, each of us did some soul-searching, took a self-critical look at their own "consultant's profile" and drew their own personal conclusions from what they had learnt. We are aware that, as internal consultants, we still need to learn a great deal through practical personal experience and that we will still need some time before we are really "ready". The qualification programme gave us a basis here and encouraged us to face this challenge. "
Michael Walter, Personnel Division Head, pharmaceutical industry

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