Change Partner

 Change Partner: Your Change Management Expert

We work according to a change management approach that is based on two models.

The wave concept (according to the Lynch / Kordis dolphin strategies) illustrates the choreography of change processes. It stands for the statement that each change process follows its internal logic and dynamic, for individuals and for whole organisations.

The bridging-the-dual-gap model (according to Rolf Balling - Professio) describes the four-pole area of tension in which change management moves: on the one hand the opposition of "person" and "system" and on the other hand that of "hard" and "soft" factors.

The basic principles behind the work we perform and our change management approach are "looking at the whole picture" / integration and helping others to help themselves. Our main speciality is the qualification programme for internal change agents as drivers of change.
We follow the modern approach of a complementary consulting service here. Please find additional information in this document